The burden of proof doesn’t lie with nonbelievers; it lies with believers. It’s like in court in the United States, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution must PROVE that the defendant committed the crime. The defendant does not have to prove that he didn’t do it; all he has to do is show how the prosecution’s argument is faulty. It is the same with religion. It isn’t “believe in God until there is proof that he doesn’t exist”, atheists like myself feel it is “Believe in no gods until one is proved to exist”. While I cannot force others to think that way, you cannot shift the burden of proof onto me just because you want to. You cannot prove something DOESN’T exist, because that’s not possible. You can, however, look at evidence provided to prove that something DOES exist and show how that evidence is INVALID. That is what intelligent atheists do. I would LOVE to hear the evidence you listed, though. From what you said, you had an awful lot. I’m very interested to hear it. 

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